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A signature drop

Nick O’Leary makes wines firmly rooted in the Canberra district, the place where he grew up and lives. The officially designated wine region of Canberra District is a small triangular area with 60km sides that stretch from Yass in the north, Bungendore in the east and Canberra in the south. This cool climate ‘Bermuda’ triangle […]

Antonio Carluccio cooks!

Here’s a 14 minute video that we’ve just finished. It’s the cooking demonstration that Antonio gave as part of the Truffle Festival event at the Emirate Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa in the Blue Mountains. He was going to cook just two truffle dishes but there was a request for a gnocchi dish so he […]

Making a move

Yeah, it’s time to leave our lovely country house and we’re cleaning up ready to put it on the market.  So we’re a bit distracted for online posts for a while. Part of the process is we have to CLEAN THE SHED. And that involves throwing out all the old things that I’ve held to […]

Would sir like to try the pin nott?

India is set to see a second consecutive year of record grape exports, with its crop in particular demand in Russia and throughout Europe, the Economic Times reports. This is a source of some concern for Indian exporters, as record shipments in 2012 resulted in a severe oversupply in Europe, with prices dropping by 50 […]

Justin talks!

Yeah, quite a lot!  Stopping the flow of bubbling ideas and excitement is impossible when you meet him. But this time he’s talking very seriously in a short video that’s promoting Adelaide and the nearby regions as an ‘alternative’ tourism destination for South Australian Tourism Commission. Have a look. Now if it all sounds a […]

The Conservatory launches - a new Canberra restaurant

Janet Jeffs is a regional food hero and you’ll find her mentioned often in and around our website. Her Ginger Catering enterprises are very popular with Canberra foodies. And she’s very particular about the produce she uses. She’s started breeding Wessex Saddleback pigs at her weekend farm in Redesdale, NSW and has worked with, and […]

Blue Mountains TAFE dinner

We’ve got a special love for the Blue Mountains, so when we got an invite to this lunch, we had to be there.

Grate. Pair. Share. Melt.

When you’re as marketing smart as Wisconsin Milk Board, you can declare any month Grilled Cheese Month!

Arbutus (Irish Strawberry) Jam

Eaten uncooked, a ripe arbutus fruit tastes somewhat pasty, but they make great jam.

Heard the one about the Irish Strawberry?

The Arbutus unedo, known to us as the Irish Strawberry Tree, is native to Mediterranean regions like Portugal and Spain, where it’s called the Madroño  tree. However, pollen from the plant dating back to 4000BC has been found in Irish bogs and a native population is also found in those chilly northern climes. The Arbutus […]

A Gouda for the Teacher

This was hidden away for a while, but now it’s back. Russell Smiths tribute to Cheese hero Neil Willman.

High Food?

In our print issue #2, Jan O’Connell recounted a conversation with a tourist office volunteer. She was asking about the best places to eat in town (I think it was in Braidwood, NSW). Judging from his voice it was an older man who said, “Well, there’s lots of places to eat, but nothing that’s very […]

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