The Conservatory launches - a new Canberra restaurant

Janet Jeffs is a regional food hero and you’ll find her mentioned often in and around our website. Her Ginger Catering enterprises are very popular with Canberra foodies. And she’s very particular about the produce she uses. She’s started breeding Wessex Saddleback pigs at her weekend farm in Redesdale, NSW and has worked with, and […]

Blue Mountains TAFE dinner

We’ve got a special love for the Blue Mountains, so when we got an invite to this lunch, we had to be there.

Grate. Pair. Share. Melt.

When you’re as marketing smart as Wisconsin Milk Board, you can declare any month Grilled Cheese Month!

Arbutus (Irish Strawberry) Jam

Eaten uncooked, a ripe arbutus fruit tastes somewhat pasty, but they make great jam.

High Food?

In our print issue #2, Jan O’Connell recounted a conversation with a tourist office volunteer. She was asking about the best places to eat in town (I think it was in Braidwood, NSW). Judging from his voice it was an older man who said, “Well, there’s lots of places to eat, but nothing that’s very […]

Ma' Hidden Kitchen

Pop-up dining and secret location dinners are driven by the fun of the experience but also the love of good food and fresh company. Here’s one from Milan that seems to have all the elements covered. The couple, Melissa and Lele may have their faces obscured on their nicely designed website but they reveal their […]

Sainsbury's wants the UK to Switch the Fish. Should we?

Yeah I know it’s a supermarket, but I’ve always kept a sustainable eye on Sainsbury’s from the time when Jaimie Oliver, who was their highly paid poster boy at the time, gave them a serve in his series Jamie’s Fowl Dinners. And they responded and have continued to try and be sustainable. Giving them a […]

This icecream isn't melting in the range

Not a revisit of “McArthurs Park”, it’s a Snowy Mountains Cookies decorated cone.

Limited edition ham?

We all know there’s a limit to the number of legs on a pig that will provide good hams, but we really liked the way that Fiona and Nicholas Chambers at Fernleigh Free-Range made their Christmas hams release special (for me, they’re always¬† special quality). They added a tag that tells buyers how many hams […]

Culture Jamming - Best preserving books

Having a six month southern hemisphere seasonal switch doesn’t always have an advantage. The good media items on cooking and preserving food, don’t get bookmarked because they aren’t relevant immediately. So hang on to this list until your garden is in glut, rather than frost bitten and dormant like mine. In a recent New York […]

Clear favourite

We might be the last people to pick up on this but if not, can I introduce you to the Porthole? You’ll have heard of US chef/restaurateur Grant Achatz of The Aviary (which is part of the avant garde Grant Achatz restaurant group including Alinea and Next). Never having eaten at any of those, I […]

Go Tobie! Go an Aussie Mango

Tobie Puttock is promoting this season’s Australian Mangoes, and they’re in the shops now!

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