Chez Panisse - eat my shirts?

Levi’s are releasing a limited edition range of T-shirts to celebrate 40 years of Alice Water’s Chez Panisse and support the work of her Edible Schoolyard foundation.

Authentic regional food?

How do you find authentic regional food while traveling? We offer one suggestion and Andrew Purvis has a great SMH article to help.

Let 'em eat wedding cake!

I was turned off by Royal Wedding frenzy, but the cake? That’s different.

Our 'Teaser' Gallery

We called the double page images that opened the editorial content of our print magazine, our ‘teaser pages’. Here they are in a fullscreen gallery.

Olive oil joins Supermarket price war

Milk, eggs, now oil. This spells disaster for local growers. What chance Coles and Woolworths will answer these tough questions?

Redefining our wine in North America

“It is both terrifying and galvanizing that a room full of serious tasters in New York can profess both delight and surprise at such relatively ‘mainstream’ propositions as (our) regional specialties” Paul Henry.

Grand Dairy Awards 2011

The 2011 Grand Dairy Awards are the ‘Oscars’ of Australian Cheese making. Here’s the winners list with images and tasty descriptions.

Reasons to be cheerful - and buy ALDI's olive oil

Great value, good flavour, responsible industry practice and committment to lowering the oil’s carbon footprint. All good reasons to buy it.

Pigs is pigs and jam is...

…a post box full of Beerenberg. Full of Beerenberg. Full of Beerenburg. Full of

Mrs Perry's Jam

Picking one representative King Island jam maker proved to be a religious choice. But as I asked around the advice was repeated, “for traditional jam, you have to talk to Mrs Perry. That’s ‘old’ Mrs Perry who makes her jam for the Church of England stall”.

Bah! Rum pa pum pum

This song is now playing on rotation everywhere I shop, on rotation with Little Drummer Boy that is.

Classic Strawberry Pavlova

My aunt Elsie was always the ‘gold standard’ for pavlovas at our family get-togethers, crisp outside and soft, fluffy and just chewy centres. I’ve never replicated them.

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