• Rage against the oil The truffle oil tide is turning. Chefs can no longer pretend that it is anything other than a chemical, (and they wouldn't use artificial vanilla essence anymore would they?).
  • Cooking with truffles #3 -The recipes The temptation is to show off with this expensive ingredient. Starting simply gives rewards.
  • Cooking with truffles #2 – Tasting First you have to learn what fresh truffles taste like. The solution is to eat out.
  • Honey grilled nectarines “When I was young there was an old guy who would work the hives here on the island. He got stung badly and went to hospital, and there was no-one else to look after them. A guy from the Department of Agriculture showed me how to do it. We got a new queen, and there […]
  • Sichuan-style green beans with pork mince There are many variations of this classic Chinese dish, this one works well.
  • Summer Pudding When the prices of store bought berries drop and when the red currants are ready in our garden, it's time to make our favourite summer desert.