Bird Cow Fish (and pigs)

This has been sitting on my video editing hard drive for a long time and I’ve just been pushed into cutting a couple of versions for the website. If you have time, the longer version at the bottom of the page has more background to the dinner, some longer speeches, and more of Michael Croft and Carlo Petrini.

But if you’ve only got a nine minutes, have a look at this as an overview of Alex Herbert’s great dinner at Bird Cow Fish.

This version runs 18 mins, (oh the attention span!) and has a bit more of you (if you were in the audience as a diner), Carlo Petrini’s speech and Michael Croft. It also tells you that Alex and chef friends Sophie Zalokar, Jared Ingersoll and Vince Velletri were all at Slow Food’s Terra Madre event in Turin. The Terra Madre event is Slow Food’s group hug, involving producers from around the world, chefs, academics and convivium organisers.



A video taste of Alex Herbert (and friends) great welcome dinner for Carlo Petrini at the now closed (and missed) Bird Cow Fish restaurant.