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Reasons to be cheerful - and buy ALDI's olive oil

Great value, good flavour, responsible industry practice and committment to lowering the oil’s carbon footprint. All good reasons to buy it.

Pigs is pigs and jam is...

…a post box full of Beerenberg. Full of Beerenberg. Full of Beerenburg. Full of

Mrs Perry's Jam

Picking one representative King Island jam maker proved to be a religious choice. But as I asked around the advice was repeated, “for traditional jam, you have to talk to Mrs Perry. That’s ‘old’ Mrs Perry who makes her jam for the Church of England stall”.

Christmas past – excerpt

A full English-style Christmas feast on a broiling hot December day – excerpt from book Me and My Big Mouth

Bah! Rum pa pum pum

This song is now playing on rotation everywhere I shop, on rotation with Little Drummer Boy that is.

How to make gravy

Who’s gonna make the gravy now?
I bet it won’t taste the same. Paul Kelly

Have an Hallucinogenic Christmas

There’s suggestions that this mushroom’s colours became associated with St. Nicholas, and then Santa.

Bungendore Camp-oven Cook-off 2010

Bungendore in rural NSW, hosts a great Camp-oven Cook-off. Here’s the 2010 event video.

Camp-oven Cook-off

Started by Vince Skeehan, the Annual Camp-oven Cookoff preserves campfire cooking traditions.

Milk rappers

This nicely made advert is going viral for Yeo Farms organic dairy in Somerset. Yeo!

Egging on Proposal P301

“the use of cracked and dirty eggs and unpasteurised pulp and their role in causing foodborne illness, traceability, definitions, packaging and the labelling of eggs”

The Age Good Food Guide 2011

The Vic and NSW guides are released a week apart, here’s The Age Regional Restaurants list. With links.

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