Time for Summer Pudding?

A good crop of Youngberries from our garden prompted Jan to make a summer pudding for New Year’s Eve. And me to make a video.

Camp-oven Cookoff 2011

Once more Vince Skeehan’s Bungendore Camp-oven Cookoff kicks ash!

Take the Old Telegraph Road

Jindi’s “Fire Engine Red” Brie is Champion Cheese at this year’s Australian Grand Dairy Awards announced on Wednesday the 9th February.

Mrs Perry's Jam

Picking one representative King Island jam maker proved to be a religious choice. But as I asked around the advice was repeated, “for traditional jam, you have to talk to Mrs Perry. That’s ‘old’ Mrs Perry who makes her jam for the Church of England stall”.

Star in the north

There’s a top-end way of doing things, and it’s not always the easiest way. The lead-up to Christmas provides a side-show for a lone dinner in Darwin’s Moorish Cafe.

Have an Hallucinogenic Christmas

There’s suggestions that this mushroom’s colours became associated with St. Nicholas, and then Santa.

High School cheese makers

This is a great initiative that nearly didn’t get off the ground. The test program we mentioned in a post here, and it hit a wall as the implications of food safety were explored. While the cheese makers use pasteurised milk, if absolute adherence to cleanliness isn’t followed, the cheese could be contaminated.  And as you’ll see this is continuously […]

Camp-Oven Cook-Off 2010

The 2010 Camp-Oven Cook-Off was a lot like a down home version of MasterChef. Ok, maybe it was more like ‘MusterChef”.

Pig. Midwinter solstice at Allsun Farm

We were invited to a Winter solstice feast at Allsun Farm. There was a special pig roasting.

Matthew Hulse – Master Baker, Dojo Bread

Scott Watkins-Sully tells the story of a big bloke in a small traditional bakery in historic Braidwood NSW.

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