Sainsbury's wants the UK to Switch the Fish. Should we?

Yeah I know it’s a supermarket, but I’ve always kept a sustainable eye on Sainsbury’s from the time when Jaimie Oliver, who was their highly paid poster boy at the time, gave them a serve in his series Jamie’s Fowl Dinners. And they responded and have continued to try and be sustainable. Giving them a […]

Limited edition ham?

We all know there’s a limit to the number of legs on a pig that will provide good hams, but we really liked the way that Fiona and Nicholas Chambers at Fernleigh Free-Range made their Christmas hams release special (for me, they’re always¬† special quality). They added a tag that tells buyers how many hams […]

Jiro (and Mark) dream of sushi

We were invited to the preview of probably the most talked about food film of last year, Jiro Dreams of Sushi (thank you Tracey). The film was released around Australia from May 10. This HD trailer tells the story well. There’s an ‘exclusive’ scene from the film on Youtube that doesn’t allow embedding, so you’ll […]

It's all about the milk

We’re always prompt to announce the results of the Sydney RAS Cheese and Dairy Awards. That’s because we’re fanatical card carrying cheese lovers. Now we’re turning milk fanatical.

This is not poetry - correctly labeling cheese

“This is the indispensable minimum. This is not poetry. This is correctness of information” Piero Sardo -Slow Food.

Mark Bittman on Slow Food's $5 meal deal

Slow Food USA’s ‘$5 real value meal’ campaign has reached Michelle Obama and one of our heroes, Mark Bittman

2012 SMH Good Food Guide Regional awards

A year of dining simplicity and maturity. That’s how editors Terry Durack and Joanna Savill summarised the year for this/next year’s Good Food Guide. (I’m sure the 2011 Guide was only out a few months ago. Maybe I just don’t get out enough.) As usual, there’s some up and downs in the Chefs Hat ratings […]

Authentic regional food?

How do you find authentic regional food while traveling? We offer one suggestion and Andrew Purvis has a great SMH article to help.

Delicious magazine's 2011 Produce Awards

Winners of the 2011 Produce Awards brought to you by ABC delicious. magazine were announced last night at Guillaume at Bennelong, Sydney. Now in their sixth year, the Produce Awards encourage, showcase and reward Australia’s top producers in categories including ‘From the Earth’, ‘From the Dairy’, ‘From the Paddock’, ‘From the Sea’ and “Artisan”. Within […]

DIY junk food

Pollan’s “…as long as you cook it yourself” rule is applied to a Big Mac

Bird Cow Fish (and pigs)

A video taste of Alex Herbert (and friends) great welcome dinner for Carlo Petrini at the now closed (and missed) Bird Cow Fish restaurant.

Olive oil joins Supermarket price war

Milk, eggs, now oil. This spells disaster for local growers. What chance Coles and Woolworths will answer these tough questions?

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