Reasons to be cheerful - and buy ALDI's olive oil

Great value, good flavour, responsible industry practice and committment to lowering the oil’s carbon footprint. All good reasons to buy it.

Right of reply - Joel Salatin

A short taste of the full video of an evening with Joel Salatin where he suggests that, just like the Religious Inquisition 500 years ago, we’re now experiencing a Food Inquisition.

Rage against the oil

The truffle oil tide is turning. Chefs can no longer pretend that it is anything other than a chemical, (and they wouldn’t use artificial vanilla essence anymore would they?).

Milk rappers

This nicely made advert is going viral for Yeo Farms organic dairy in Somerset. Yeo!

Egging on Proposal P301

“the use of cracked and dirty eggs and unpasteurised pulp and their role in causing foodborne illness, traceability, definitions, packaging and the labelling of eggs”

Swimming against the (TV chef) tide

“I long for a cooking show equivalent of Rockwiz” George Biron, Sunnybrae

SMH Good Food Guide 2011

Ok, skip over the city winners and check out the Regional hats. All with links.

Farmers as superstars

Superstar chefs are a dime a dozen. The new foodie hero is the farmer, says Newsweek

A new genre? Cheese writing

One to watch, just released and causing a buzz is Eric LeMays book Immortal Milk – Adventures in Cheese.

Vote with your fork -Pt2

What Pollan calls the evocative prose of “cutting edge grocery lit” and wonders at terms such as “from cage-free vegetarian hens” and “humanely raised” “sustainably farmed” and “organic feedlots”.

Vote with your fork.

“If it arrives through the car window, it isn’t food.” and “Eat all the junk food you want–as long as you cook it yourself.” Michael Pollan

How curved is your cucumber?

How curved a cucumber would you buy? How bumpy can your apple be?

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