Try it just for one day.

This is an event that could and should be replicated in Australia.

Just add plastic

White Rabbits, and the addition of the chemical melamine that has been used criminally to boost the protein levels in watered down milk in China.

A manifesto for a new year

“when you’re the cook and you’re carving the roast or scraping the pan, it’s ok to sneak the best crunchy bit for yourself”

Mark Bittman - a vegan until six

Mark Bittman is the New York Times cookery writer and his blog is in my bookmark list.

Alex Herbert cooks Nose to Tail

Alex Herbert from Bird Cow Fish restaurant in Surry Hills in Sydney cooks a tribute dinner for British chef Fergus Henderson.

Slow Food's Raw Milk Cheese campaign

We’ve polished up our earlier cut of the video campaign endorsement by our Australian chefs. Add your name to the petition.

It could happen here (if we all gave a fig)

The support for local Farmers’ Markets in the US is very different from here, take a look at this LA Times ‘Market Watch’ column by David Karp.

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