Char grilled octopus with lemon & oregano

From our King Island Issue, courtesy of Stephen Russell, Grassy Club

Asked why his octopus is so tender, Stephen tells how most octopus available on the island come from the cray fishermen and they’re found in the cray pots. The octopus attack the crays, and no-one is happy when a three kilo cray is ruined by an octopus. “They get flung on the deck, kicked aside. I get mine from someone that kills them quickly and they’re always tender.”


3 kg octopus, head removed.
1 ½ large onions sliced
1 tbls black peppercorns
200ml vinegar
6 bay leaves

Wash octopus & place in pot with other ingredients.
Cook covered with a lid & stirring occasionally over low gas flame until skin is easily removed & flesh is tender, refresh & rinse with cold water, remove skin trying to keep the suckers attached.
Cut to finger sized pieces.
Char grill & toss in a dressing of lemon juice, olive oil, oregano & parsley.

This has become a Russell signature dish. The local KI octopus are very tender.