We might be the last people to pick up on this but if not, can I introduce you to the Porthole?

You’ll have heard of US chef/restaurateur Grant Achatz of The Aviary (which is part of the avant garde Grant Achatz restaurant group including Alinea and Next). Never having eaten at any of those, I can only report that  apparently he takes great care with the diningware, as well as the food. Martin Kastner who has a company  Crucial Detail, has worked for years with Achatz to creat custom dining pieces. One of which is a glass drink container called The Porthole. That’s it below.

“It wasn’t really designed to be a consumer product,” Kastner told Mark Wilson of Fast Company. “Of all the pieces, some just get great response, some don’t”. That response was enough to get Martin to put up the vase on Kickstarter where it has been amazingly oversubscribed and for around $100 US.  now you can buy it. The video he made for Kickstarter is just as nicely crafted and makes you warm instantly to Martin, and that’s it below.

Now all that made me think of the Truffle infusing that’s been going on around here with a bottle of truffled vodka in my fridge and with the infused ale at Canberra’s great boutique brewery the Wig & Pen. There’s another video below that shows how that works. I can see this being a centre piece on a restaurant table around here next truffle season. We’re already doing it with beer as you’ll see in this video.

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