Electric versions of our print issues

This will give you an idea of what our publication was like when it was glossy and smelled of ink. We started in 2005, did the first two issues before we ran out of money, sold the publication, took it back, did Issue 3 in 2008 with the help of some friends, ran out of money… that’s small publishing.

But we LIKE print and haven’t given up yet. In the meantime the magazine world has changed

Issue 1 King Island

This is where the journey started. The King Island Tourism association said ” we could use this for years, nothing changes much here”.

Issue 2 Capital Country Villages

Then we decided to cover the area where we live. Of course every mistake was then taken personally. (So please use 2 TEAspoons in the recipe on Page 34 duh!)

Issue 3 Fleurieu Peninsula, Gold Coast Hinterland and Blue Mountains

Everyone said, “when are you coming to our region?’ and advertisers said ‘we’ll advertise when you come to my region’. We went to the Fleurieu to do a whole issue, and had it all ready and laid out, when we didn’t get enough ads we decided to do the other two regions. We knew we had to create something that looked a bit more buzzy and up to date and this is it. The 25 things we know about is a fun addition.

We do have some back issues available but they’re running out, we’re considering a ‘composite issue’ with updates. See our contact email address in About Us.