Bah! Rum pa pum pum

I’ve never said that I actually hate the Little Drummer Boy song until this Christmas (which apparently starts after Melbourne Cup day in early November in our Coles Supermarket). It is now playing on rotation everywhere I hear, on rotation with Little Drummer Boy.  There are no versions that are excusable, Ray Stevens did a send up of the Little Drummer Boy Next Door who gets a drum kit for Christmas, but it’s just new words to that relentless music.

Of course there are now websites and Twitter groups attacking or defending the song but they can’t quite release this animosity inside. Maybe I’ll just go out and slash the tyres on Santa’s sled.

Apparently Bowie didn’t want to sing that song either and the counterpoint tune was the solution.  Sadly, Bing died soon after this special was recorded. 

Bugger, how can I go and slash reindeers now that I know that.
Sigh, Merry Christmas.

This song is now playing on rotation everywhere I shop, on rotation with Little Drummer Boy that is.