Saveur’s Best Food Blogs 2012

7-best-food-blog-logo-400When we started our first website, we were really thinking about our print magazine. But I was blogging pretty much each day (there’s some very retro stuff in the archives – see Another Country Diary) and considered it a way to practice editing, writing, and with the discipline of adding my own photographs.  But, managing a website and the magazine production that started in 2007, something had to suffer and somehow the daily blog morphed into the online version you’re reading now.

I’ve been tempted to toss off all the Regional Food Australia machinery and just write for pleasure again but fall back to these posts whenever I see something I like a lot. I guess it’s intent that’s different, and a single minded blog would somehow have to include all the ouragenda’s we cover in RF.

Have a look at Saveur magazine’s picks of the six best candidates in 16(!) categories of food and gourmet travel writing for 2012. You can spend/waste a lot of  time examing these ( you go to the ‘Vote in this category’ page oting page and click on ‘Visit the Blog’.  And wonder about online publishing and how lucky we are.

Nope, we didn’t enter but you’ll find lots of stimulation in Saveur’s 2012 picks of the top food blogs. Remember to vote!