Like a slice of Aussie food history pie Possums?

A new collection of recipes from Australian cookery books from 1868 to 1950 by Victoria Heywood.

Quay: Food inspired by nature

Peter Gilmore’s lavish cookbook Quay: Food inspired by nature will be released in October, Photography by Sydney photographer, Anson Smart.

A new genre? Cheese writing

One to watch, just released and causing a buzz is Eric LeMays book Immortal Milk – Adventures in Cheese.

Vote with your fork -Pt2

What Pollan calls the evocative prose of “cutting edge grocery lit” and wonders at terms such as “from cage-free vegetarian hens” and “humanely raised” “sustainably farmed” and “organic feedlots”.

Vote with your fork.

“If it arrives through the car window, it isn’t food.” and “Eat all the junk food you want–as long as you cook it yourself.” Michael Pollan

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