Growers 'do' lunch at Old Parliament House

A short video showing what’s on the menu when growers around here do lunch.

Bungendore Camp-oven Cook-off 2010

Bungendore in rural NSW, hosts a great Camp-oven Cook-off. Here’s the 2010 event video.

Camp-Oven Cook-Off 2010

The 2010 Camp-Oven Cook-Off was a lot like a down home version of MasterChef. Ok, maybe it was more like ‘MusterChef”.

Vote with your fork -Pt2

What Pollan calls the evocative prose of “cutting edge grocery lit” and wonders at terms such as “from cage-free vegetarian hens” and “humanely raised” “sustainably farmed” and “organic feedlots”.

Vote with your fork.

“If it arrives through the car window, it isn’t food.” and “Eat all the junk food you want–as long as you cook it yourself.” Michael Pollan

Regional Food on stage

It’s a strange show, and it seemed like all the inventors were out selling their gadgets en masse. Hose bags? Miracle window wiper? Cure anything nutritional additives? Anti-static plastic blinds?

Four Chefs Market launch

The media attention may have been on local cheesemakers Small Cow Farm but the truffle growers stall was also open early. Market regulars Kim de Porter and Darius of PilPel were there of course. Mid-morning the new display cooking area at the back of the shed wafted truffle smells into the crowd. The Canberra’s ‘4 […]

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