Alex Herbert and Fergus Henderson honour the pig

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I’m following MichaelCroft from Mountain Creek Farm around venues in Sydney as his rare breeds Wessex Saddleback pigs are used in a number of the Sydney International Food Festival events. And it just so happens that Carlo Petrini from Slow Food is here as well (Michael is the new Heritage and Sustainability representative of Slow Food Australia). There were lots of Regional Food moments, but I’m sharing this one, where Alex Herbert from Bird Cow Fish restaurant in Surry Hills in Sydney cooked a tribute dinner for British chef Fergus Henderson.

Henderson shook us all up with his book Nose to Tail Eating and it has led to a sequel. His London restaurants are always rated highly, (their website has some nice videos. One by The Guardian Food blogger Tim Hayward of Fergus preparing a pig’s head). Alex Herbert has been a fan for years and created the night’s menu for 80 people from the Nose to Tail book. Fergus looked on and nudged and guided.

We took some video, but for now see the pictures at right. That’s Fergus Henderson watching as Alex slices the roasted pork taken from the rib bone, Michael Croft is holding the skull one of the four pigs he supplied, the head was stripped to make brawn, the great choc ice cream was all I got time to eat, (although I did steal a few mouthfuls of the pork skin salad), the main meat course was served with  shiraz infused prunes (from Budgi Werri – there’s a story). It was complimented with Canberra region wines such as Alex McKay’s Collector Marked Tree Shiraz.

It’s one of those photo shoots that you file away under ‘Good’.  The video is just as nice.
Fred Harden 27 Oct 09