Australian Farmers’ Markets

Helping you eat local

Ok, you’re the converted foodie, but it’s hard to measure up to what we know we have to do and Vote with your Fork.

It’s a gradual process. For most of us it starts by making the effort to find a close-enough Farmers’ Market. Then when you eat out, asking the waiter
(who will probably say ‘I’ll ask the chef’) where the ingredients of your meal have come. In the supermarket read the label and complain if it’s not clear if they’re Australian or imported ingredients.

You’ll be more aware and probably often appalled. If you’re politely critical, the businesses will feel a bit anxious that you’re part of a slow foodie change that will impact on their bottom line (and you are). If they’ll tell you with pride who grew the ingredients, mentioning the grower by their first name – hurrah! you’ve found one of the places we want to list here.

To find a local Farmers’ Market, farm gate, retail outlet, café or restaurant that supports their local growers, use the map and follow the location ‘stars’ to the expanded listings. Or use the text menu here.
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While we’re not starting from a blank database with this section since we’ve got a lot of stuff already collected, we really do depend on you to help us get it right.Corrections to out of date entries, tips for the best new places to eat or buy local produce should all go to our Facebook page, or if you’re not into social networking, send us an email.

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