An Australian food timeline

A history of Australian Food

Remember life before pizza? This timeline tells the story of Australia’s food revolution.

This icecream isn't melting in the range

Not a revisit of “McArthurs Park”, it’s a Snowy Mountains Cookies decorated cone.

Culture Jamming - Best preserving books

Having a six month southern hemisphere seasonal switch doesn’t always have an advantage. The good media items on cooking and preserving food, don’t get bookmarked because they aren’t relevant immediately. So hang on to this list until your garden is in glut, rather than frost bitten and dormant like mine. In a recent New York […]

Clear favourite

We might be the last people to pick up on this but if not, can I introduce you to the Porthole? You’ll have heard of US chef/restaurateur Grant Achatz of The Aviary (which is part of the avant garde Grant Achatz restaurant group including Alinea and Next). Never having eaten at any of those, I […]

Time for Summer Pudding?

A good crop of Youngberries from our garden prompted Jan to make a summer pudding for New Year’s Eve. And me to make a video.

Allsun Farm Open Day -2011

If you’re a fan of Michael Plane and Joyce Wilkie as we are, this is a great chance to see their small farm and hear them talk about it how they run a successful organic business. Allsun Farm Organic Fair We will be opening the farm again with Open Gardens Australia Sat 29 & Sun […]

What's cooking Chef?

Just announced is The Chef Project, a new subscription recipe site but with 10 international chefs supplying them weekly.

Ten seconds to peel a head of garlic?

Todd Coleman from Saveur shows how it’s done.

EAT. STA Travel short videos

Student Travel Australia commissioned these three short videos Move, Eat and Learn, they were shot in 44 days across 11 countries.

Dining at eight

The most interesting dining experience I’ve had in a five star hotel in a long time. “eight” the recently opened dining venue at the Langham hotel in Auckland.

RNA launches school cheesemaking pilot

Russell Smith talks about fostering the next generation’s knowledge and appreciation of the food we eat, through the pilot programme cheese workshops in schools.

Redefining our wine in North America

“It is both terrifying and galvanizing that a room full of serious tasters in New York can profess both delight and surprise at such relatively ‘mainstream’ propositions as (our) regional specialties” Paul Henry.

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