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Your own Dry Cured Bacon

The UK based Local Food Heroes Blog has a good introduction to dry curing and addresses the issues of the toxicity of the chemicals used in curing, please read it first before attempting this recipe. They also have calculator so you can match the amount of ingredients to the actual size of your piece of […]

Cooking with truffles #3 -The recipes

The temptation is to show off with this expensive ingredient. Starting simply gives rewards.

Cooking with truffles #2 - Tasting

First you have to learn what fresh truffles taste like. The solution is to eat out.

Spaghetti ai peperoncini verdi (or rosso)

When bell peppers/capsicums are cheap, or plentiful it’s usually at the end of the summer and salads season, so we think about cooking them.

Honey grilled nectarines

“When I was young there was an old guy who would work the hives here on the island. He got stung badly and went to hospital, and there was no-one else to look after them. A guy from the Department of Agriculture showed me how to do it. We got a new queen, and there […]

Mirin & ginger dressing for King Island oysters

Stephen says if you can’t get the King Island oysters it’s ok with your best local ones too.

Char grilled octopus with lemon & oregano

This has become a Russell signature dish. The local KI octopus are very tender.

Rhubarb & cinnamon cake

This cake Stephen says, is such a big hit with the older ladies who come for morning tea, that he can’t take it off the menu.

Polenta Grassa

Pausing for lunch on the ski slopes demands something warming – and who cares about carbs when you’re burning all that energy?

Nanny's Christmas Pudding

Everyone’s mother makes the ‘best’ Christmas pudding, but my mother definitely does.

Swiss Preacher's Cake

This cake was made to impress the visiting Preacher, works for friends too.

Sichuan-style green beans with pork mince

There are many variations of this classic Chinese dish, this one works well.

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