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Gordon Edgar is the cheesemonger at Rainbow Grocery Cooperative in San Francisco. What’s a cheesemonger? Glad you asked. Read on…

Truffles and Malbec - old black

GrapeRadio’s video about France’s Cahors region, “famous for its black truffles as it is for its Malbec, a wine that exemplifies the scent of black.”

Answering 12 Assumptions of the Food Inquisition

The full video of the Evening with Joel Salatin on 3 December 2010 where he suggested that we’re now experiencing a Food Inquisition and gives his answers to his Inquisitors.

Right of reply - Joel Salatin

A short taste of the full video of an evening with Joel Salatin where he suggests that, just like the Religious Inquisition 500 years ago, we’re now experiencing a Food Inquisition.

High School cheese makers

This is a great initiative that nearly didn’t get off the ground. The test program we mentioned in a post here, and it hit a wall as the implications of food safety were explored. While the cheese makers use pasteurised milk, if absolute adherence to cleanliness isn’t followed, the cheese could be contaminated.  And as you’ll see this is continuously […]

Bungendore Camp-oven Cook-off 2010

Bungendore in rural NSW, hosts a great Camp-oven Cook-off. Here’s the 2010 event video.

Milk rappers

This nicely made advert is going viral for Yeo Farms organic dairy in Somerset. Yeo!

School Cheesemakers

This schools program was the first of its kind in Australia. The ABC Landline program segment that featured this project is here. The ABC ‘Behind the News’ show has a slightly different version.

Slow Food's Raw Milk Cheese campaign

We’ve polished up our earlier cut of the video campaign endorsement by our Australian chefs. Add your name to the petition.

Hunting Truffles

A truffle hunt in Umbria lead to one in Sutton NSW which led to…

Cheese Show - Backstage Pass

Ever wondered how one cheese is selected as Top Cheese of the Show from 200 entries?

Four Chefs Market launch

The media attention may have been on local cheesemakers Small Cow Farm but the truffle growers stall was also open early. Market regulars Kim de Porter and Darius of PilPel were there of course. Mid-morning the new display cooking area at the back of the shed wafted truffle smells into the crowd. The Canberra’s ‘4 […]

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