Grate. Pair. Share. Melt.

If you get or read US food magazines in whatever format of choice, you’ll see clever promotions for the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board promoting Wisconsin cheese. And they do it very well. They’ve very cleverly stamped out their turf online as well, as you’ll see from this promotion that announces April as Grilled Cheese Month. Damn, I almost missed it.

Don’t be put off by the prospect of a heart attack from the gooey syrupy concoctions like the Brie and Blueberry Waffle Grilled Cheese featured above, from the attractively photographed Flickr food blog Damn Delicious. There are some quite refined recipes, like Havarti and Walnut Bread Grilled Cheese but the guilty pleasure of grilled cheese always looks a bit messy and always tastes great. Their slick Grate.Pair.Share magazine is up in the same Issuu format as our back print titles (click Expand to read it), and is worth a bookmark if you are cheese fiends like us. The last issue was on Winter Cheese, with recipes just right for our inverted seasons.

“The Board is a nonprofit organization funded by dairy farmers that promotes the more than 600 varieties, types and styles of Wisconsin Cheese and other dairy products from America’s Dairyland.” Our roving cheese expert Russell Smith was asked to judge in one of their shows and describes how exciting it was that even the arrival lounges of the airport were heavily promoting Wisconson’s small and family cheesemakers. He had a ball.

Fred Harden

Here are some links to their other online promotions





When you’re as marketing smart as Wisconsin Milk Board, you can declare any month Grilled Cheese Month!