Haven’t I seen your face before?


Moving from print into web and video seems like it is how small publications like ours (those dependent on lots of visuals to tell their stories), will survive. We love paper but we’re also falling in love with reading on tablets and handhelds. It doesn’t matter to us how the message about preserving our regional food systems is shared around, just as long as it has integrity and doesn’t suck.  Serving up that content and connecting to our ‘readers’ is what we love to do.  Yeah the site design looks a bit clunky but it is quick to post new items to, and easy to add slideshows and video. If you’re viewing this on a tablet or smartphone, you’ll have to tell us if there are bits missing.

Thank you for your support and long-term interest, now here’s something back in return – the same quality ingredients, using a new recipe. This is how the country cooks.

Fred Harden
Jan O’Connell

Ok, here’s Regional Food’s website version 3.0. If you remember past incarnations or the print magazine fondly, come in and have a look around.