It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

How do you get Fred the editor to print one Christmas press release from the dozens in the inbox? Just call your snowman Frederick (and make him as clever as this one).

Here’s the press release verbatim.

“The Patisse kitchen is buzzing with Christmas cheer as Vincent Gadan and his team of talented chefs busily prepare an array of delectable Christmas desserts for their evergrowing customer base.

With this year’s Gingerbread House in high demand, Vincent has added his own adorable touch by introducing French snowman Frederick complete with beret & baguette standing at the foot of the gingerbread house door. With pistachio macarons acting as roof tiles and sweet tasting snowcapped icing sugar roof it’s no wonder these delectable houses are mesmerizing children and walking out the door.

Along with the Gingerbread houses, Patisse has bought back their famous traditional Fruit Mince Pies, Puddings and Christmas Cakes and of course macaron.

If traditional Christmas treats are not your thing, Patisse’s counter is also still brimming with mouthwatering classical mouthwatering desserts including Lemon Meringue Tarts, Chocolate Decadence, Mini Croquembouche, Carre Framboise, Passionfruit Cheesecake and Macarons the colours of the rainbow desserts that can festivally adorn any holiday table. Vincent’s Ginger Bread House with Frederick the snowman!

To order your Ginger Bread House or Christmas goodies contact Bill or Michelle at Patisse on 02 9690 0665 or email

Patisse are in the PYD Building 197 Young St, Waterloo.Sydney.”

I think it was Frederick’s little baguette that won me over.  Nice one Patisse!

Michelle Guberina and Vincent Gadan

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Frederick with his Patisse gingerbread house



Need PR? Just call your snowman Frederick (and make him as clever as this one) and you get the Christmas press release past the editor.