Mostly useful links to sites and documents we like or just need to suck up to.  I figure you can tell a useful link by how long it stays in your bookmark list, and if it still goes to the site after two years (lots don’t).     This is all now pretty old, my bookmarks probably have none of these anymore so beware on browsing. FH

Important People and Ideas

Michael Pollan’s website has links to discussion, talks and excerpts to much of his published work.
Marion Nestle’s Food Politics  because it’s Marion Nestle and she’s on the attack
Maryn McKenna author of Superbug has a WIRED Blog of the same name
Bill Marler’s Blog he is an attorney litigating foodborne illness cases

Other Publications

Saveur still the best mix of recipes and content
NZ Cuisine
Gourmet Traveler

Recipe sites we like



I met Nick Padol even before I joined Slow Food and have bumped into him many times since then.
This is his Southern Highlands food tourism business he runs with Jill Dyson.
You’ll like them, and I’m sure you’ll like their tours.


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Food Blogs we like 

This list came from Epicurious – I’m deleting the ones I feel don’t match our our agenda.

101 Cookbooks

Amateur Gourmet



Miami Herald

Real Food for Healthy Kids

Becks & Posh
Candy Addict
Chez Pim
Chicago Tribune
Chocolate & Zucchini
Chubby Hubby
Cooking with Amy
Dave’s Kitchen
Food Politics


San Francisco Chronicle’s Eat Like Me

Serious Eats

Slate Travel & Food

Smitten Kitchen

Snooth Wine & Food


The Amateur Gourmet

The Atlantic Food Channel

The BA Foodist
The Ethicurean
The Feedbag
The Food Section

The Foodinista

The London Foodie in NY

The ND Blog


Waiter Rant

What’s Eating Carolynn


ZenKimchi Korean Food Journal

New York Times


Dorie Greenspan