This is a great initiative that nearly didn’t get off the ground. The test program we mentioned in a post here, and it hit a wall as the implications of food safety were explored. While the cheese makers use pasteurised milk, if absolute adherence to cleanliness isn’t followed, the cheese could be contaminated.  And as you’ll see this is continuously stressed in the video.

This is our own edit that shows the process of a typical class using the School Cheese Making guide and recipes that were developed by Russell Smith (see his Talk & Cheese section). This class was taught by Alison Turner with science students from Sandgate High Scool in Queensland. From the student’s comments you’ll see how important this can be to educating students about cheese, and raising the option of a job in Food Science.
The video material is by courtesy of the ABC ‘Landline’ program.

And here’s Russell Smith and Alison Turner and some of the Year 12 2010 students who took part, talking about the class.

 Video Courtesy of the ABC Landline team

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