country cooks

Growers 'do' lunch at Old Parliament House

A short video showing what’s on the menu when growers around here do lunch.

Mrs Perry's Jam

Picking one representative King Island jam maker proved to be a religious choice. But as I asked around the advice was repeated, “for traditional jam, you have to talk to Mrs Perry. That’s ‘old’ Mrs Perry who makes her jam for the Church of England stall”.

Bungendore Camp-oven Cook-off 2010

Bungendore in rural NSW, hosts a great Camp-oven Cook-off. Here’s the 2010 event video.

Camp-Oven Cook-Off 2010

The 2010 Camp-Oven Cook-Off was a lot like a down home version of MasterChef. Ok, maybe it was more like ‘MusterChef”.

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