food history

Like a slice of Aussie food history pie Possums?

A new collection of recipes from Australian cookery books from 1868 to 1950 by Victoria Heywood.

Truffles and Malbec - old black

GrapeRadio’s video about France’s Cahors region, “famous for its black truffles as it is for its Malbec, a wine that exemplifies the scent of black.”

The Heidi Farm Story

Heidi Farm cheese has been a consistent gold medal winner for many years and their raclette, tilsit and gruyere cheeses are available all around Australia.

Mrs Perry's Jam

Picking one representative King Island jam maker proved to be a religious choice. But as I asked around the advice was repeated, “for traditional jam, you have to talk to Mrs Perry. That’s ‘old’ Mrs Perry who makes her jam for the Church of England stall”.

Answering 12 Assumptions of the Food Inquisition

The full video of the Evening with Joel Salatin on 3 December 2010 where he suggested that we’re now experiencing a Food Inquisition and gives his answers to his Inquisitors.

Right of reply - Joel Salatin

A short taste of the full video of an evening with Joel Salatin where he suggests that, just like the Religious Inquisition 500 years ago, we’re now experiencing a Food Inquisition.

Christmas past – excerpt

A full English-style Christmas feast on a broiling hot December day – excerpt from book Me and My Big Mouth

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