Pigs is pigs and jam is...

…a post box full of Beerenberg. Full of Beerenberg. Full of Beerenburg. Full of

Apricot and Lemon Jam

Looks like it’s making Jam time to me. This recipe was originally for dried apricots, but works great with fresh ones.

Classic Strawberry Pavlova

My aunt Elsie was always the ‘gold standard’ for pavlovas at our family get-togethers, crisp outside and soft, fluffy and just chewy centres. I’ve never replicated them.

Rhubarb & cinnamon cake

This cake Stephen says, is such a big hit with the older ladies who come for morning tea, that he can’t take it off the menu.

Swiss Preacher's Cake

This cake was made to impress the visiting Preacher, works for friends too.

Summer Pudding

When the prices of store bought berries drop and when the red currants are ready in our garden, it’s time to make our favourite summer desert.

Quick Quince Paste (Membrillo)

Quince paste really does match well with hard cheeses. The use of the microwave makes this version very easy to do.

It could happen here (if we all gave a fig)

The support for local Farmers’ Markets in the US is very different from here, take a look at this LA Times ‘Market Watch’ column by David Karp.

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