Truffles and Malbec - old black

GrapeRadio’s video about France’s Cahors region, “famous for its black truffles as it is for its Malbec, a wine that exemplifies the scent of black.”

Rage against the oil

The truffle oil tide is turning. Chefs can no longer pretend that it is anything other than a chemical, (and they wouldn’t use artificial vanilla essence anymore would they?).

Cooking with truffles #3 -The recipes

The temptation is to show off with this expensive ingredient. Starting simply gives rewards.

Hunting Truffles

A truffle hunt in Umbria lead to one in Sutton NSW which led to…

On the Nose

Noses are big in our family. Literally. With the exception of my younger daughter, all of us can boast a prominent proboscis.

Four Chefs Market launch

The media attention may have been on local cheesemakers Small Cow Farm but the truffle growers stall was also open early. Market regulars Kim de Porter and Darius of PilPel were there of course. Mid-morning the new display cooking area at the back of the shed wafted truffle smells into the crowd. The Canberra’s ‘4 […]

Cooking with Truffles #1

At the end of the season we’re starting to get the hang of cooking with this luscious black fungus and we’re sharing it here.

It could happen here (if we all gave a fig)

The support for local Farmers’ Markets in the US is very different from here, take a look at this LA Times ‘Market Watch’ column by David Karp.

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