This icecream isn’t melting in the range

Ice-Cone-single-wrappedNo, it’s not a revisit of “McArthurs Park” but when I was sent the ice cream decorated sample (right), it nudged me to remind you of Snowy Mountain Cookies. Daisy and Nolan Oayda are a great example of a small regional producer who have taken their distinct ‘regionality’ and used it to market to Qantas, Brindabella Airlines and Gloria Jeans and independent cafés around the country. (The press release said they were “supplying nearly a tonne of cookies every day”. Pretty good I reckon). They started the business in 2006, both were professional skiers and traveled as photojournalists and saw the ‘cookie’ trend in Canada. They figured that would fill a gap in the local market.  Daisy works up the recipes and baking and Nolen uses his marketing skills in promotion. They live in Jindabyne with their  two young daughters and have made their baking business an important addition to the region.

I’ve had their cookies in a number of places (on a plane, cafés) and they’re quality. They have a ‘nothing artificial, quality ingredient, free range egg, real butter’ policy. They even have a gluten free offering. The photograph shows them holding their RSPCA Good Egg Award, which recognises major companies that make the switch to cage-free eggs.

cookiex4_jar_20gThey normally close weekends and public holidays but depending when you’re reading this, the have/or had a popup shop that was selling their ‘seconds’ which was open throughout the holidays  in the Nugget’s Crossing Shopping Centre in Jindabyne. You can always visit the Bakehouse Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

And you can order online of course, or find out  where do you get a Snowy Mountains Cookie near you?


Fred Harden.


Not a revisit of “McArthurs Park”, it’s a Snowy Mountains Cookies decorated cone.