Truffles and Malbec – old black

There I was, tidying up our links page, tested a link and I found this video. It’s from the GrapeRadio website and even the post production fog filter couldn’t put me off the great images. It was also a pleasant surprise to see wine writer Natasha Hughes in it* talking about Malbec.  I get excited when a story is structured to teach me something  new I don’t know, tells me how to use/drink it, gives me some history and shows a new region. This video ticks all those boxes, I’ll forgive the self-conscious slooow pans, and the scrappy looking food shots. If you like wine and truffles you’ll love the video, (and see how to use a pig to hunt and see how they reward it with an apple.  We use dogs in Australia because they’re much easier to handle and don’t like to scoff the truffles or bite your fingers off as you grab them. But sows find the scent irresistible and don’t need to be trained to find them. Much.)

Watch it full screen in the highest resolution your connection will allow. Or download the MP4 from their site. Thanks GrapeRadio!

*Natasha did a story for the Fleurieu issue before we sold the magazine (not for a fortune, for a token $1 ) and when that was canned, she then updated it for us when we thought we’d have room in the Fleurieu section of Issue 3. We didn’t and I don’t even think we had the money to pay a ‘kill fee’ which would have been good manners. My apologies again Natasha.

GrapeRadio’s video about France’s Cahors region, “famous for its black truffles as it is for its Malbec, a wine that exemplifies the scent of black.”