Try it just for one day.

I was doing a web search for a high quality copy of the Eat Local poster I’ve seen used in the USA, I like its retro fruit box label style. On the way, I found references to an event to be held in the next few days that I figured could and should be replicated in Australia, with a little Government help. It could really make people think, about the choices they make, and hopefully despair at what’s happened to make our food supply so petroleum based.

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is challenging all state residents to eat local for a day.” The challenge by the agriculture department asks Virginians “to choose one day during Virginia Farmers Market Week, set for Aug. 3-9, to eat only food produced in the commonwealth.”

(Virginia was the Commonwealth of Virginia before it joined the United States. Along with Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts they still use the title.)

The government website gives it credibility, and there (was) a very folksy TV ad, but the event was part of the Farmers Market week which is still going.  Do you think it’s a nice idea? Should Regional Food help push it?
Fred Harden    30 July2008
(We visited Virginia and the Abingdon Farmer’s Market in May 2010, we’ll add that report soon as a video).

This is an event that could and should be replicated in Australia.